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Patent searches

  • Subject-matter searches on prior art, for opposition and revocation proceedings, and for patent reports, e.g. in the case of potential patent infringements
  • You tell us what you need – and we do the work for you. Depending on the subject and purpose of the job, we develop a search strategy in each case and, if necessary, discuss it with you beforehand. Possible search strategies include:

    • Keyword searches using databases with full text and/or summaries
    • Searches based on the various classifications, e.g. IPC, ECLA, DEKLA, FI/F-terms, US classes
    • Citation searches
    • Specialist-literature searches

    Thanks to the possibilities offered by the databases, as well as searching in the usual patent publications, e.g. DE, EP, WO, GB, FR, US, DD, we also have access to foreign publications, e.g. AU, Japanese utility models and patents.

    In our search reports we explain our search strategies and point out the most important references in the respective publications.

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  • Searches on invention disclosures / Outline searches
  • With our outline searches, e.g. for ongoing invention disclosures, we try to quickly and specifically find relevant publications on the prior art by choosing an appropriate search strategy, without covering the particular subject area in full as we would with a subject-matter search. The advantage of this is that you can decide how you want to proceed on the basis of the search result at low cost.

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  • Applicant/inventor searches
  • With these searches we look for publications from specific applicants or inventors. Depending on the requirements, we carry out, for example, a factual assessment of the identified publications or compile an analysis of the results based on certain criteria, e.g. year of publication, subject area, so that we can identify and assess developments.

    To obtain as complete a result as possible, we consider it important and necessary to use a variety of databases. In our experience, the individual databases often reveal errors and differences in the the way the data is recorded (e.g. currently with the introduction of IPC 8 in the classes). In addition, the individual databases do not normally or only partly record changes to the applicant or inventor. 

    By combining the search results from the different databases, on the one hand we can minimize such potential sources of error, but on the other we can also find clues (e.g. through re-registrations of patents) as to possible changes in the business world (such as changes to company names). Sometimes we supplement the research with our Internet searches to find out more about the applicant or inventor. We notify you of such evidence or incorporate it into the search after consulting with you.

    Finally, we pass the search results on to you in the requested format, e.g. as a table with/without bibliography.

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