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These days, patent searches and obtaining technical information are easily done any time and from anywhere via databases and the Internet. But the downside is a constantly and rapidly increasing quantity of information and a growing number of search possibilities offering partly redundant information. And every additional information and search tool requires a period of familiarization and practice in handling the databases if you are to utilize the benefits, avoid redundant information and, above all, recognize the limitations of the databases.

Our aim is to acquire customers in the long term as partners and to provide them with important information quickly and selectively.

To do this, we select from the various search strategies the most suitable one for each individual job. It is important to us not to simply process and check off our jobs, but to look at each one individually and think outside the box to understand our customer's exact intentions with the assignment and to identify potential problems in advance of the search and discuss them with the customer at an early stage.

A key element of our customer service is a well-prepared search result, and we also make sure we tell our customers about information that we happened to notice during our research and inform them of potential limits of the searches, so that they can evaluate the search result better.

It goes without saying that the information entrusted to us is processed quickly and treated as confidential.

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